Vacuum Cleaner Store

Cost-Effective Vacuum Repair

Bring your malfunctioning vacuum into us and we'll do everything we can to repair it or send you home with a better one. Since 1945, Sander's has been the place for vacuums in the Aberdeen area. After 73 years of selling, repairing, and studying vacuums we know what quality means. Our mission is to save good people from bad vacuums - and the rescuer is Sebo. Well-designed, efficient, powerful, user-friendly, durable, and whatever else you may need it to be, Sebo makes the chore of cleaning as easy and routine as brushing your teeth.

Bagged vs Bagless

The Real Difference

We're often asked if we carry bagless machines. Our answer is a resounding NO and our explanation is as simple as this: bagged machines are just better. Whereas bagged machines have somewhere for all that dirt and grime to go, bagless machines simply move it from your floor and into the air for you to inhale or just settle back down; not only that but the machine itself gets dirty, requiring you to clean it and get yourself dirty. A vacuum with a bag only has one place for all that mess to go, and an efficient filtration system better concentrates the germs and bacteria to make your home more healthy.


3-Step S-Class Filtration

And Sebo offers the most efficient filtration system available with their patented S-Class filters made from electrostatically charged, micro-fiber material that are designed to absorb greater than 99.9% of particles no bigger than the width of a strand of hair. The word 'vacuum' isn't a completely accurate term; vacuums are really air-flow machines - the smoother the air can flow through the machine, the better it will clean and the longer it will last. Sebo vacuums are designed for the air to pass through the motor twice - once through the machine's filters to clean it and again with that freshly filtered air to cool and protect the motor and extend life of your vacuum.